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Episode 147: Earl “The Pearl” Banks & Ashley Bishop

December 4, 2016 - 3:16 pm

On a recent episode of Booze & Blues at Radio Memphis, Earl “The Pearl” Banks & Ashley Bishop. These two guys are great bluesmen with some great stories and fantastic music. In this episode, Ric sat down with ... (More)

Episode 146: The Numbers Game

November 27, 2016 - 6:26 pm

In the broadcast industry, there is a dirty little secret about what they like to call “the numbers”. Those “numbers” they refer to are a funny thing and they are tied to some interesting stuff. In this episode, ... (More)

Episode 145: Hair Trigger Universe

November 20, 2016 - 6:36 pm

We as people tend to be rather reactionary. Almost to a fault. In this episode, Ric took a trip out to home improvement place and witnessed this hot tempered reaction first hand. It was quite the moment. Especially ... (More)

Video: Eddie Dattel – Art of the Deal

November 17, 2016 - 12:48 am

New music in rotation now at Radio Memphis. Great song and great video. Eddie Dattel & Five Empty Pockets. From Inside Sounds. Bonus Video: Trickle Down Blues – Eddie Dattel & Five Empty Pockets also from Inside Sounds.

Episode 144: I See Where You Are Coming From

November 13, 2016 - 5:58 pm

In the course of managing our online data, we get to see where most of you come from. Who you “kind of” are and where it is you go. Sure, it sounds invasive, but it is not. What ... (More)

Episode 143: The Music of Bill Lusk

November 6, 2016 - 2:48 pm

This is a very different episode in that it was recorded at Pirate Radio Studios (studio C, to be precise) edited (heavily) and aired in it’s entirety at Radio Memphis. The reasoning behind all of that effort was ... (More)