From Memphis to the world, we are Radio Memphis.

Radio Memphis is putting radio back into the hands of the people. The way it used to be. The way it’s supposed to be. Join us and be a part of the new revolution in radio - Radio Memphis.

Apply what radio used to be to new technology with the most unique music in the world and you get Radio Memphis. Radio Memphis is an Internet & App only radio station based in Memphis, TN and showcases original and unsigned/indie Memphis and Mid-South musicians to listeners all over the world. Radio Memphis isn't just some pre-packaged streaming service. Radio Memphis is LIVE with a full on-air staff that listeners can interact with by phone or the LIVE chat right next to the LIVE video feed that allows you to see straight into the Radio Memphis studio and listen at above FM radio quality audio. Musicians, submit your MP3's to

In April of 2011, Ric Chetter had a dream of what the radio business is supposed to be.  After a pitcher of margaritas, he had an epiphany that included the entire picture of Radio Memphis.  That dream has now become a reality.  Reaching around the globe with listeners in over 100 countries, the vision that Ric created is now a force to be reckoned with.  The station, with its crew currently broadcasts 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the back of a house in Memphis, Tennessee in the historic Cooper-Young Entertainment District.  Fitting since the music is entirely from Memphis and the Mid South.  This gives the unsigned and indie artists the platform to get their music heard across the planet.  

Corporate run terrestrial radio hate what Ric has done since he has proven the simple concept that people want live human interaction along with world appealing music is model by which to go by.  Even in the ever increasing circles of internet radio, Radio Memphis is doing something entirely different.  The secret?  Applying what radio used to be to new technology with the most unique music in the world.  "There are big things coming."  He says, "Don't turn your back on us because you are going to miss out on something that is truly special for the fans of music and radio.  Radio ain't dead.  The industry just needed to move out of the dark ages and into the future of entertainment."  

That is the spirit by which Ric Chetter and his crew run Radio Memphis.  That is also the spirit of their relationship to their ever growing audience.  "We're here and we ain't going away."  

Take the opportunity to roam the website and meet this incredible crew who have dedicated their lives on a dream turned real with some imagination and lots of hard work.

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Pirate Radio Network of Free Syndicated Memphis & Mid-South Podcasts

If you are from Memphis or the Mid-South and have been thinking of publishing a Podcast, Webcast, or Web series, and you would like to launch it from the Pirate Radio Network, please read the Pirate Radio Network Guidelines & Terms of Service. If you agree, then E-mail your concept to with the subject header "Pirate Radio Network."


Radio Memphis Television

Memphis & Mid-South Musicians, check out RMTV (Radio Memphis Television)! Videos from Memphis & Mid-South musicians! If you would like to contribute your video to RMTV, just E-mail the link to your video on YouTube to!


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Pirate Radio Productions

Pirate Radio Productions specializes in all your audio needs including Commercials, Imaging, Voice Overs, & Audio & Video Post Production Services. E-mail Ric Chetter, a veteran of television and radio for over thirty years @



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